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ABC Company LLC

ABC Company LLC

1089 Third Avenue SW
Suite 102
Carmel, IN 46032-7540


Office supply and equipment seller hosting multiple brand-name supplies.


Widmer R-3 Automatic Text Stamps

The Widmer R-3 can be used as an automatic text, print, and graphic stamper, or check endorser. The R-3 is an automatic fixed die stamper or imprinter with a Brass Plate engraving area of 2" W x 1.875" H that can be changed with ease. This machine is best for imprinting on items where the message is changed frequently. Simply depress the lever to remove and replace the message/die plate with another one. Provides complete flexibility or security from unauthorized use. Just remove or switch the message plate when used as a check endorser. The simple action of inserting the document triggers the printing operation. No handles to pull or buttons to push. Use the R-3 for validation of documents, special instructions on specific orders, or shipping instructions, etc. It features adjustable stamping pressure for multiple forms penetration. To use the R-3 as a check endorser the optional extension trigger is required so that placement of the endorsement is in compliance with Federal and State banking requirements.

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