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1-800-Wheelchair Inc.

1-800-Wheelchair Inc.

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Diestco Canopie

This Diestco Weatherbreaker canopy attaches to wheelchairs or scooters to protect you from the sun and rain and fits most wheelchairs or scooters.

Drive Scooter Carry All Bag

The Carry All Bag is not just great for carrying your items while traveling on your scooter, but it also offers a convenient shoulder strap, making it a great “briefcase” for taking items with you off your scooter, as well. Best suited for travel scooters.

E-Wheels 72 4 Wheel Scooter

The E-Wheels 72 4 Wheel Scooter is the first High-Speed performance scooter capable of reaching speeds up to 15MPH. E-Wheels 72 4 Wheel Scooter has 4 wheels for maximum stability and a weight capacity of 500lbs. It is powered by a 700 watt Hub Motor and a 48 Volts and 20 Ah batteries. This scooter ships fully assembled and ready to ride.

The newly designed E-Wheels 72 4 Wheel Scooter model has been vastly improved with a variable speed dial feature which enables the E-Wheels 72 4 Wheel Scooter to travel at speeds as low as 1/2 mph. This new variable speed feature make this Scooter a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor use with speeds reaching up to 15 mph as one of the fastest scooters on the market

  • 4 wheel scooter
  • With rheostat
  • Key with remote
  • Storage basket
  • Available in two color options
  • Perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Powerful yet quiet brushless 700 Watt transaxle electric motor
  • Powered by a work duty 48V/20AH maintenance-free lead acid battery
  • Armrests come up to make it easier to get into scooter
  • Shipped fully assembled on pallet wood crate
  • With E-ABS front and rear braking system

E-Wheels EW-52 Scooter

Most powerful four wheel scooter in the US, 15 mph max speed, 45 mile range, 500 lb weight capacity, digital dash, 3 speaker stereo system, cruise control, Locking Cargo Box and Shipped Fully Assembled.

Excel Freedom Transport Chair

The Excel Freedom Transport Chair weighs only 14.8 lbs - almost 25% lighter than standard folding transport chairs. The Excel Freedom Chair also features breathable nylon upholstery, an attractive colored frame and comfortable, “restaurant-style” arms - so you can pull up to tables and eat comfortably.

The chair not only has a fold-down back but is foldable for length-wise for easy transport. The backside of the chair contains a key ring and multiple pockets for your billfold or iPod, cell phone, drinking bottle, and identification tag and includes a free cup holder.

Excel K3 Lightweight Wheelchair

Medline's Basic Excel K3 Lightweight Wheelchair offers great mobility at a great price. It features a carbon steel frame with a chip-resistant frame as well as tough, nylon upholstery for a sturdy chair and a long life. The threaded seat screw inserts reduce stripping from upholstery changes, and the sealed bearings keep dirt out and are virtually maintenance-free. Available in standard or elevating legrest models.

Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Scooter

The Golden Avenger offers sporty design and in a full sized mobility scooter package. With an 18-mile range, 7 mph top speed, and 4″ ground clearance, this scooter can go just about anywhere. Standard options include a full light package, captain's seat with adjustable headrest.

All of these features add up to superior outdoor performance and heavy duty roughness. With a 500 lbs. weight capacity, the Avenger is one mean machine. It's worth noting that this scooter is best used outdoors and not inside. The 67″ turning radius is too big for around the house.

  • 13" pneumatic tires
  • Heavy duty superior outdoor performance
  • Bright safety lights
  • 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Flip-Back Arms
  • Swivel-Seat
  • 4 way flashers
  • Oversized seat
  • Free Shipping
  • Batteries and charger included

Invacare 9000 Topaz Heavy Duty Wheelchair

The Invacare IVC 9000 Topaz wheelchair is designed specifically to suit the unique and growing needs of the bariatric patients. The Topaz combines the strength and durability of a triple chrome-plated, carbon steel frame with the comfort of heavy-duty front riggings and arms for proper positioning.

With a variety of seat widths and depths, frame reinforcements that include gussetted sides, caster journals and dual heavy-duty crossbraces, this chair provides not only ease in maneuverability but stability that will be trusted for years to come.


Karman Ergo Flight Wheelchair

The Ergonomic series provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis.

The Ergo Flight Wheelchair is easy to lift and its small size makes it ideal for travel. Weighing only 19.8 lbs., the chair is easy to store and transport. The chair folds down the middle like a standard wheelchair and the backrest also folds down to make the wheelchair even more compact. Also features companion brakes located on handles for added safety and comfort.

Karman Ultralight Reclining Wheelchair

This reclining, high strength, lightweight wheelchair is in a league all its own. The reclining range is 90° - 163° and the compact folding design make it ideal for storage or transportation.

To top it all off, the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame makes the chair weigh only 36 lbs. The chair is crafted from 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum and includes premium options such as detachable armrests, elevating legrests, and anti-tippers.


Medline Empower Rollator

Versatility meets personality with the Empower Rollator. Padded backrest flips to enable sitting from either side and a simple seat latch allows users to move it for step-in support. Adjustment points are bright yellow making them easy to find. This rollator’s patented design allows it to fold completely flat, making it even easier to store. Other features include extra wide memory foam seat, adjustable legs to vary seat height, comfortable armrests and spacious neoprene storage bag. Also comes standard with folding cup holder, removable storage tote, tray organizer and reflective tape for safety.

Medline Steel Transport Chair

Armed with a 300 lbs. weight capacity, this steel-reinforced transport chair from Medline is the product limited mobility users trust and depend on. The chair comes equipped with a set of full-length padded armrests as well as a set of footrests which detach easily for the user's convenience.

Power Assisted Stand-Up Manual Wheelchair

The Karman Manual Wheelchair with Power Stand-Up offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a wheelchair. By putting the body in a standing position, the chair provides users with better blood circulation, kidney and bladder functioning, as well as muscle tone. In addition the ability to place wheelchair-bound persons in a standing position reduces muscle contracture and bone decalcification, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

The chair features flip back armrests and quick release wheels, along with adjustable seat depth and footrest height. The removable knee support offers added stability while in the standing position, and the fold down backrest enables easy storage. 24" Flat Free Polyurethane rear tires.


Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go® Ultra X is loaded with design features like an innovative locking mechanism that allows one-handed frame disassembly and a convenient drop-in battery box that makes transport and travel worry free.

The Go-Go® Ultra X delivers these features and more along with the performance you expect from the first name in travel mobility, making it the ultimate travel scooter value.


ProBasics Heavy Duty Transport Chair

The ProBasics Heavy Duty Transport Chair features a 400 lb. weight capacity and a 22" seat width can accommodate a variety of users.The dual cross braces provided added support and it features 12" flat free rear wheels and 8" solid front casters which make it easier to push over small bumps and curbs. The chair has swing-away footrests and removable padded desk length arms.

Push Handle Extensions

The Push Handle Extensions are for anyone who is average height or above. Since most wheelchairs have a push handle height of only 36” off the ground, pushing a wheelchair with such low handles can create problems such as back strain, neck strain and poor posture.

The new Handle Extender will solve this problem. It adds up to 8" of height to a standard-style wheelchair or stroller handle. It easily attaches to almost any mobility device and can be quickly adjusted to suit your height. Also, features a quick release cam handle that allows for easy adjustment and removal

Quickie M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

The Quickie M6 wheelchair is a Bariatric wheelchair with a weight capacity of 650 lbs. The Quickie M6 is modeled from the design of the Quickie 2. It is made of high strength steel and weighs approximately 53 pounds, 26" x 20" with pneumatics and hangers.

Rollz Rollator & Transport Chair in One

The Rollz 2-in-1 transporter brings you further. Always exactly what your need, when you need it. A modern rollator that converts into a comfortable transport chair at the flick of a wrist, and back again, of course. Be it for an outdoor activity, a long holiday, a treasured exposition or a shopping afternoon, this 2-in-1 rollator inspires you to keep on going without effort. The Rollz Motion folds into a compact package and fits into any car.

RoMedic Easy Glide Oval

EasyGlide oval is used for lying transfers: higher up in the bed, turning in bed and transfers from one bed to another. EasyGlide oval is used when the gap is max. 2''. For safety reasons EasyGlide should have a firm underlying surface on both sides when transferring.

RoMedic FlexiMove Flexible Positioning Board

The FlexiMove by RoMedic is a unique device used for moving patients further up in bed, turning and sideways transfers or, when there’s no access for a mechanical lift, for lifting.

With FlexiMove there is very little need to lift. It is primarily designed for transfers higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers. It is easier to pull than to lift because the underside is smooth and slides effortlessly in the bed. In narrow spaces, where you have no access for a mechanical lift, the FlexiMove can be an alternative. It can be used for both prone and sitting transfers, when lifting is unavoidable.

The flexible plastic board in a nylon cover makes the FlexiMove stable and still easy to use in all positions. The light padding makes the FlexiMove comfortable and gentle to lie on and the robust handles make the transfer comfortable for both patient and staff.

Sentra EC Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchair

With its 700 lbs. weight capacity and its extra large heavy duty frame, the Sentra EC Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchair is built to ensure long lasting performance and reliability for the bariatric patient. Its carbon steel frame and reinforced nylon upholstery provide plenty of support and reinforced steel gussets at all weight bearing points provide additional strength.

Shoprider Flagship Scooter

The Shoprider Flagship is truly a scooter unlike any other. With a door on both sides and an automotive windshield for protection against harsh, unpredictable weather, the Flagship is as close as one can get to being inside of a car without heading down to the dealership.

It comes with front/rear suspension as well as a lengthy windshield wiper with automatic wiper fluid. With a weight capacity of 350 lbs., it also has a driving range of 25 miles and can travel as fast as 7 mph.

Silver Sport Full Reclining Wheelchair

The Drive Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair is a full recliner with a new state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining mechanism that allows for infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees. Once in the reclining position the padded arms have support extensions to allow for greater comfort.

The Silver Sport also has composite Mag-style wheels that are lightweight and maintenance free and standard swing-away elevating legrests.

Trecker HS-890 4 Wheel Scooter

 The New HS-890 Four wheel scooter was designed for those seeking an extremely durable terrain trekker loaded with the features of a high end scooter at an affordable price. The 13" tires will cover rough terrain while the high back contoured seat, full light kit with directional blinkers and full swivel, sliding seat add all the comforts for travel.

A totally enclosed rear wheel drive scooter with an epoxy-coated steel frame. The frame is designed to reinforce the cowlings to avoid cracking. The scooter has PVC cowlings, alloy wheels, and slip resistant rubber on the base. It has front and rear chrome plated bumpers.

All components are totally enclosed underneath the frame to avoid damage and dirt getting into them.

The seat is standard. The height, backrest, and arm widths on both seats are adjustable and they have a manual locking swivel mechanism. The distance from the tiller to seat can be adjusted. The seats are capable of rotating 360 degrees via a lever under the seat. The lever is pulled up towards the seat to release the lock.

Universal Holder for Scooters

The Universal Holder for Scooters by Snap It is great for carrying wallets, small pocket books, remote controls, larger cell phones, diabetes test kits, etc. Manufactured from high quality marine-grade high-density polyethylene, this holder is built to last. Includes universal mounting bracket with hardware for attachment to handlebar grip on electric scooters.

Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension

Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension enables the one-handed and the weak to successfully lock their wheelchair brakes. For the increased reach needed for a one-handed operation, purchase one extension.

For the increased lever-age required by patients with weak hands, purchase two extensions.


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