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Overview was the first Internet directory of experts, expert witnesses and consultants. Since 1995 it has been widely recognized as the Internet's leading resource for expert witnesses and consultants.

Each month Expert Pages assists thousands of attorneys, law firms, judges and court personnel, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and others in the legal, business, insurance and forensic communities to find and/or retain experts, expert witnesses, and consultants.

ExpertPages provides extensive information to assist attorneys and legal personnel to effectively locate and utilize experts in investigations, discovery, depositions, trial preparation, expert reports, trial testimony and appeals.

ExpertPages also helps train and educate professionals who are considering serving as expert witnesses or consultants in legal and forensic matters as to what is expected of them in preparing expert reports, in testifying, and in providing their services to the legal community, enabling them to become highly effective. 

Unlike many firms, ExpertPages does NOT receive any portion of any fees paid to any member expert listed on this Website –saving money for both experts and firms retaining experts.