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Accommodation Scenarios for the Interviewing Process

Consultants' Corner: Volume 01, Issue 01


Learn more about accommodations for the interviewing process.

  • An individual with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome interviewed for a position with a local hospital. A comprehension test, which was designed to be taken via computer keyboard, was required for all applicants for the position. Because of limitations in typing, the individual could not effectively complete the computer-designed test. As an accommodation, the employer provided the test orally.
  • An individual with mild intellectual impairment was scheduled to interview for a mail room position. The individual was concerned with interviewing successfully and completing the necessary job training if offered the position. A local vocational rehabilitation program provided a job coach to accompany the individual on the job interview. After successfully interviewing for the position, the employer accommodated the individual by allowing the job coach to assist the individual on-site during the initial job training phase.
  • An individual who was hard of hearing interviewed for a computer technician position. The individual benefited from amplification and wore a receiver designed to work with an assistive listening device (ALD). The interviewers accommodated the individual throughout the interview process by talking into a microphone designed to work with the ALD.
  • An individual with a learning disability had difficulty concentrating on reading passages during testing situations. As an accommodation, the individual was allowed extra time and a private office to take an application exam.
  • An individual who uses a wheelchair applied for a management position. The human resources office was on the second floor of a building with no elevator. Because the office was inaccessible, the interviewers temporarily relocated to the first floor to interview the employee. The employer hired the individual and to make the office accessible a chair lift and other building modifications were made.
  • An individual who with macular degeneration applied for a position as a receptionist. The interviewer enlarged the application forms and increased their contrast with a photo copier. To complete the application forms the individual was given a hand magnifier.
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