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ilumi Multicolor LED Smartbulb

ilumi Multicolor LED Smartbulb

Transform your space into a place with ilumi color tunable LED smartbulbs. Simply screw in ilumi like a regular light bulb, download the free app - and enjoy! Paint amazing atmospheres in color from bright white light when you need it to rich colors when you want it. Wirelessly control your lights from anywhere in your home, together as a group or individually. Even program your ilumi to do amazing things.

The flexible A21 ilumi is great for lamps, fan lighting, and most everyday fixtures. Produces 800+ lumens at 13 watts (" 60-75 watt incandescent).

The powerful PAR30 ilumi is a flood light best for overhead, recessed, or track lighting. Produces 1100+ lumens at 17 watts (" 80-100 watt incandescent).

Built in lighting experiences:

  • Vacation - Automatically turn your lights on and off for security
  • Rise & Shine - Schedule a sunrise to start your day
  • Music Sync - Pulse your light to the beat of the music
  • Torch - Have your lights guide your path as you move from room to room & more!
  • Plus, ilumi energy efficient LED light bulbs last up to 20 years and are 7x more energy efficient than standard light bulbs.

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