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WiseLift WL120 ADA Workplace Lift Chair

WiseLift WL120 ADA Workplace Lift Chair

The WiseLift 120 is a space saving Lift chair for dining rooms, living areas and work spaces. The WiseLift 120 slides forward to bring you right up to the table,  When pushed back, the WiseLift 120  swivels away from the table and lifts with the press of a button.

The WiseLift 120 is sleek and stylish, designed by skilled craftsman to work in any room in your home or workplace. With the lift feature being just the seat, and not the entire chair, this discrete wall huger will give you true comfort and independence.  Let the WiseLift 120 do the lifting and squatting for you, and you’ll get in and out of this chair with little effort. 

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