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Wheelchair Accessible Boarding Ramps

Wheelchair Accessible Boarding Ramps

Unlike the way most people use land based wheelchair ramps, when used on a vessel, the vessel is always moving up, down, forward, aft, and side to side as the tide, wind, and waves control it. Therefore, the ramp end that is on the dock/land is also moving. As the tide comes and goes, the vessel end of the ramp may be higher or lower than the dock and the underside of the ramp may be resting on the dock instead of the end with the standard rubber pad that most traditional ramps have. What we do is add hinged transition plates to the ends of the ramp to allow the wheelchair to transition the height difference created by the changing height difference of the vessel and dock. We also add UHMW skid pads to the under side of the ramp and at the bottom of the dock end of the ramp for it to slide on so not to damage the ramp or dock. Since the vessel is moving with respect to the dock, we have developed a mounting system to secure the ramp to the vessel. We have removable wheel guards to allow for better storage aboard the vessel. We use a flat non-skid for smother rolling on the ramp. We offer a removable optional handrail system. Our wheelchair ramps are extendable with optional extra length sections. Most of our wheelchair ramps are custom made to meet the users specific needs. Contact us to discuss you requirements.

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