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Waxman 108-in Nylon Moving Straps

Waxman 108-in Nylon Moving Straps

Moving any heavy or awkward furniture with the pro-lifter moving and lifting straps from SuperSliders. These super strong adjustable straps are the perfect solution to move a refrigerator, washing machine, matrons, or love seat during any move. The forearm lifting reduces strength needed to lift heavy items, and encourages proper lifting techniques. One set of (2) straps will support up to 600 lbs! SuperSliders are the #1 best selling and most trusted furniture mover on the market today -- offering superior quality and long-lasting performance for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs.

  • Protect your floors and walls while moving large furniture items with pro-lifter moving straps
  • Forearm lifting straps reduces weight and encourage proper lifting techniques
  • Ideal for: oversized furniture, mattresses, appliances, flat screen TVs and much more
  • Set of (2) will support up to 600 lbs
  • Includes (2) adjustable (9 Ft. x 3 In.) moving straps constructed out of super strength webbed material

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