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Watson Golf theHANGER Iron Swing Trainer

Watson Golf theHANGER Iron Swing Trainer

Build an effective, repeatable iron swing by training with A Watson Golf theHANGER Iron Swing Trainer. Designed to easily attach to your irons, this training aid provides instant visual and tactile feedback. The included club face guide helps golfers build training and path control by fixing the over-the-top-move, scooping and the dreaded slice. Suitable for use in the home, office or at the range, theHANGER helps golfers of all skill levels achieve a Tour-quality swing.


  • Model designed specifically for Right-Handed Golfers
  • Engineered to provide instant visual and tactile feedback
  • Accelerates the process of building correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control
  • Easily attaches to your irons and includes a club face reference head to ensure the device is set up
  • Suitable practice in the home, range, or office by golfers of all skill levels


  • Keeps the club head outside of your hands
  • Ideal for training club face and path control
  • Promotes a flat leading wrist at the top of your swing
  • Lead wrist flexion during your transition
  • Fixes the over-the-top move, scooping and prevents the dreaded slice
  • Dynamic shaft lean through impact
  • Promotes correct muscle memory

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