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VoiceBooster 12 Watt Portable Voice Amplifier MR1505

VoiceBooster 12 Watt Portable Voice Amplifier MR1505

The VoiceBooster 12 Watt Voice Amplifier MR1505 is small, portable, and loud (12 watts) with excellent clarity. It can be worn clipped to a belt and hung on a shoulder with the included strap. Can be used MP3 speaker. And accepts signals from both input ports.

The VoiceBooster is great for those with a Vocal Disability, as well as Teachers, Tour Guides, Preachers, Coaches, Presentations, Performers, etc. It can be worn inside a costume in many different ways. It comes with an adjustable waist or neck band and a removable belt clip. The VoiceBooster can also be used as an MP3 speaker. The amp has a microphone input and an MP3 input. The amp will accept signals from both input ports and out through the speaker at the same time.

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