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Vocaleyes - Describing the Arts

Vocaleyes - Describing the Arts

Live description of a theatre production (drama, comedy, musical, opera, circus, ballet or contemporary dance) containing three essential elements; describing the key visual elements of the performance; pre-show audio introductory notes on CD or as an MP3 download from our website; a touch tour of the set and stage. Enabling blind and partially sighted people to share the experience with their friends and family.

Live or recorded description at museums, galleries and heritage sites, describing exhibits, key objects and the venue. The information may be provided live by VocalEyes-trained venue staff, recorded on a handheld device or downloadable from the venue’s website. Enabling blind and partially sighted people to visit the venue and explore its exhibits through audio description with their friends and family.

Guided audio described architecture tours of buildings either as a one-off tour or for architecture events and festivals such as Open House Weekend and the London Festival of Architecture. Tours are led by one of our VocalEyes describers accompanied by either a representative from the architectural practice that designed and built the building, an architectural historian or a representative from the building . Audio pre-tour introductory notes are also available on CD or as an mp3 download from our website.

We offer audio description training for the performing and visual arts. For the performing arts we offer both audio description training and continuing professional development for describers who are working independently around the country. For the visual arts we offer audio description training to curators, staff, warders and volunteers at museums, galleries and heritage sites, to enable them to accompany a blind or partially sighted person around their venue and offer a bespoke audio description service or to arrange events designed for blind or partially sighted visitors. In addition we offer front-of house training and visual awareness and guiding training to venue staff.

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