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Vividia Mini 7mm USB Water-Proof Flexible Inspection Camera

Vividia Mini 7mm USB Water-Proof Flexible Inspection Camera

By connecting the Mini USB Flexible Inspection Camera with Long Flexible Cable to your PC via USB interface, it allows you to perform detailed visual inspection in hard-to-reach places. This inspection camera is powered by a USB connection to your PC, so no batteries are required. The long flexible cable can be bent into many shapes to fit into unreachable areas. With 0.3M pixels CMOS sensor, up to 10x magnification, and four built-in LEDs for illumination, this camera allows you to capture snapshots or videos with rich color throughout a large dynamic range. It is easy to take snapshot by software control, and the images can be saved, compared and printed. The mirror attachment for side view is included in the package. The software which comes with the camera has measurement function for length, arc, and angle. Waterproof camera withstands wet environments. The small 7mm camera head and long flexible cable is perfect for up-close visual inspections in small spaces. It is ideal for use in automotive maintenance, electrical repair, plumbing applications, HVAC/R and the visual inspection of otherwise inaccessible areas.

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