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Virtual Reading Ruler

Virtual Reading Ruler

Based on the success of the Eye Level Reading Ruler, the Virtual Reading Ruler is a mobile tinted overlay that ‘floats’ above any application and is moved around the screen with a mouse. The Virtual Reading Ruler is an easy to configure virtual screen overlay for all computer reading. For many people reading from a computer can be more difficult than reading a page of text. Not only does the glare cause problems such as eye strain and headaches, you can't mark your place easily on a computer screen. The Virtual Reading Ruler works just like an ordinary Reading Ruler, removing the screen glare and stabilising the print on any area of the page. At the same time it can mark the specific line or paragraph being read.

  • Select your colour
  • Configure your settings
  • Improve your reading comfort

The colour palette on the quick start menu shows the tints used on coloured overlays and reading rulers, making Virtual Reading Ruler a useful quick diagnostic tool for assessing colour preferences. The Virtual Reading Ruler can be used with any application including the internet and boasts the following features:

  • Multiple size and line customisation options
  • Fully networkable
  • Locking option: no need to hold and drag
  • Infinitely adjustable colour options
  • Quickstart menu
  • Autosave settings
  • User-friendly interface Specification: Windows XP/Vista Pentium 1GB Processor 256 RAM Free space on hard disk

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