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Via Pro

Via Pro

Built on the processing power of iOS, the Via Pro offers the familiarity iOS lovers prefer. It's easy-to-use and intuitive, right out of the box.

The Via Pro is:

  • Powerful. Built on the processing power of iOS, it's designed for communication – and beyond.
  • Familiar. Choose from three of the most popular AAC apps – TouchChat with WordPower, LAMP Words for Life or Dialogue AAC.
  • Durable. Either wrap (Active or Classic), and the sturdy handle and stand, ensure lasting durability. The splash-resistant design meets or exceeds all federal standards for DME device protection.
  • Accessible. The Via Pro offers a comprehensive variety of access options – direct touch, wired and wireless switch compatibility, and head tracking within TouchChat.
  • Dependable. The Via Pro comes with PRC-Saltillo's 2 year warranty (when purchasing the Enhanced version; the Basic model comes with a 1-year warranty).

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