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Vesture MicroCore Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion

Vesture MicroCore Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion

Heat your seat, wherever you may be! With the option for both hot and cool comfort, in any weather condition, the amazing Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion is a miracle of science. With its patented Dual Microcore Element, you get over 150 sq. inches and 48oz of heating or cooling comfort!!! It's the most comfortable, soft, and portable seat you're likely to encounter in this lifetime. You either chill the Buns in the freezer, or nuke them in the microwave - buried beneath layers of Durable, Multi-Layered Polymers, the Non-Toxic Thermal Fluid gets hot or cold, safely, and powers the Lava Buns for up to 6 hours. Microwave it for 3 minutes, and have a warm deer stand till lunch or put it in the freezer Friday night & stay cool Saturday afternoon at the tournament. Durable, stain & water resistant nylon cover for easy cleaning. No hassles, no shock, no mess.

HEATING TIME (MICROWAVE): Less than 1,000 Watts: 3 Min. 45 Sec. More Than 1,000 Watts: 2 Min. 30 Sec.

Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required. Made in America

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