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Vaiden Men's Sports T-Shirt

Vaiden Men's Sports T-Shirt

The Vaiden moisture wicking training tee features a loose and comfortable fit, and a fabrication that is soft to the touch. These features, in addition to the flat-lock stitching design, allow you to move comfortably and unrestricted without chafing and irritation.

Stay Cool and Dry
This cooling sports t-shirt is made with a 100% breathable polyester fabric with moisture wicking / quick drying capabilities. These technologies are embedded into the fabric to transport sweat away from your body to the outside of the shirt, helping to keep you cool and dry. No more shirts that cling onto your body and restrict movement when you sweat. Stay comfortable while jogging, running and exercising.

Reduce Odor and Bacteria by as much as 99.9%
Beyond its moisture management system, this exercising t-shirt also comes equipped with an advanced Silver Ion Technology that effectively combats odor-causing bacteria. The anti-microbial technology works by reducing and inhibiting bacteria and odor by as much as 99.9%. Stay fresh and smell fresh both during and after your workouts.

Long Term Protection
Unlike cheaper alternatives, our Silver Ion technology is engineered with a silver microcomposite that offers longer term protection against odour and bacteria.

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