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UVC LED Room Air Purifier with Built-In Humidifier

UVC LED Room Air Purifier with Built-In Humidifier

You may not even know that the air in your home or office may be too dry. At the same time, there may be germs, allergens and chemicals floating in the air you can't even see.

Before, you might have had to make two purchases: an air purifier to make the air cleaner and a humidifier to moisten it. The Daikin MCKB70 system unites them into one unit. It adds moisture to avoid uncomfortably dry air, so you can purify and humidify all at once.

  • Have a first line of defense with a pre-filter
  • HEPA filter captures airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and molds1
  • Activated carbon filter to help reduce odors and some airborne chemicals2
  • UVC LED light technology inactivates3 bacteria and viruses captured in the HEPA filter
  • Humidifier makes comfort adjustments with sensors for air circulation, temperature and humidity control
  • Quiet operation with a 4-speed fan with quiet mode
  • Customize to your environment with 5 operating modes
  • Display with indoor air quality indicators for odors, dust and particles
  • Air suction from 3 directions for more placement options
  • A hand grip for easy portability (35 lbs.)
  • Easy refills two ways with a nearly 1 gallon tank

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