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TonsLift Lab Tested 5287 lb Break Strength Strap

TonsLift Lab Tested 5287 lb Break Strength Strap

TonsLift Professional Moving System was designed to make your relocation easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional moving helper or a private person, TonsLift Professional Moving System will assist you in carrying heavy things. Thanks to durable straps, buckles with a load capacity of MAX. 5000 lbs and a special vest, this System increases the comfort during relocation and make lifting heavy things seem effortless. 

  • Comfortable: TonsLift moving straps with Special vest was designed for more comfortable in moving, make moving feel like effortless.
  • Heavy Duty: TonsLift Moving Straps have Tab Tested 5287 lb Break Strength Straps and buckle installed to ensure heavy object and safety lifting.
  • Arm/Hand Free: TonsLift Moving Strap 2x12 feet traps to free your Arm and hand, you just need set up the Tonslift moving system, stand up and walk, it is so easy.
  • Adjustable: TonsLift Moving Straps have adjustable and extremely easy and quick buckle can fit your hight, the size of object in short time.
  • Lift/Move Safely: TonsLift with 5287 lb strength traps to Make sure your moving and lifting is safe and comfortable

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