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The thumb is arguably the most important digit of the hand. The newest product in our lineup shares its heritage with the MCPDriver. It features a unique anchor design that tracks the patient’s natural CMC motion and provides a rigid structure to react to the heavy forces generated by opposition. The tip has an adjustable preflex and articulates more subtly than in the MCPDriver. Each device is custom-designed to within millimeters of a patient’s unique anatomy.

The fingers are designed to work uniquely with the thumb in opposition. The ThumbDriver restores the ability of the hand to make a multitude of opposition grasps by providing IP joint flexion and tracking of the complex multi-axial motion of the thumb.

The ThumbDriver is driven primarily by the CMC, and secondarily by the MCP joint in the thumb. The MCP joint provides articulation of the unit, but most function comes from the CMC tracking in opposition. The patient must have enough residuum to engage the ring. For an amputee who doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, it is still possible to obtain functional benefits from the device. However, special considerations will have to be made prior to ordering the prosthesis.


  • Silicone backplate interface for increased comfort and protection.
  • Interchangeable suspension rings to allow the patient and prosthetists to find the ideal fit for the user.
  • Shims that can be added or removed to fine-tune the fit as needed by the patient due to volume fluctuation or patient preference.
  • Abduction/adduction washers allow the prosthetist to adjust the mechanical finger. The freedom of motion in this component helps the patient gain optimal grip pattern.
  • Ten unique color choices and silicone backplate pairings allow patients to customize their devices to meet their style preferences.
  • Silicone tip resembles the natural fingertip and provides added grip.
  • The cage-like structure of the stainless steel linkages provides increased protection for the residuum and distal end of the amputation, which can often be hypersensitive.
  • The unique hinges and backplate washer allow the ThumbDriver to track the natural multi-axial motion of the thumb complex.

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