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The Evacuscape Chair

The Evacuscape Chair

WHAT is an Evacuscape evacuation chair?
The Evacuscape chair is a safety product that is specifically designed to allow an individual to assist a person who has reduced mobility or physical disability quickly and safely down stairs during an evacuation. The Evacuscape chair weights 12kg and is capable of allowing an individual to assist someone up to 180 kg (400 lbs) safely down the stairs.

WHO should be using an Evacuscape chair?
The Evacuscape chair is designed for anyone who may require assistance, due to restricted mobility, to go down staircases. These people may be: the elderly, wheelchair user, people with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, the blind and people with temporary injuries.

WHEN would I need to make use of an Evacuscape chair?
To provide egress of PRMs in the event of an evacuation of a building (commercial or residential) which has more than one level, and the only safe way out is via the staircase.

WHY would I need an Evacuscape chair?
If you depend on an elevator or lift for movement to lower floors and it is unsafe to use during an emergency. The Evacuscape chair is the safest and most efficient way to descend PRMs to safety at ground level..

WHERE should the Evacuscape chair be located?
For greatest level of safety, there should be an Evacuscape chair located close to each stair case on each floor of the building.

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