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The BraunAbility UVL

The BraunAbility UVL


The BraunAbility UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift, provides an innovative solution to your personal mobility needs. The mobility lift can be mounted underneath a full-size wheelchair accessible vehicle, and is virtually out of site and out of the way until it is used.

This design frees up valuable interior space and allows easier access into the vehicle for additional passengers. The lift is activated by the standard hand-held or remote control and, with one click of the button, the lift smoothly deploys from the underneath the vehicle. Deploying and retracting your lift in this way makes it easier to enter and exit your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The UVL lift features include a slip-resistant platform, automatic roll stop, and an integrated manual backup system which allows you to safely get on and off the ramp. Your freedom is just a push of the button away with the BraunAbility UVL van lift!

  • The UVL Series is VA accepted and fully NHTSA compliant.
  • Lifting Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Platform Width: 31″
  • Platform Length: 48″


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