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Telpro Drywall Panellift 138-2

Telpro Drywall Panellift 138-2

This Drywall Lift by Telpro is the choice when looking for a dependable and durable panel lift. The Telpro lift has been an industry leader for over 40 years! The drywall lift has a fast-action single stage winch with silent cam-lock brake that easily lifts and lowers wallboard, which saves on back strain. This lift will single-handedly lift wallboard up to 11’ walls and ceilings. The cradle tilts laterally 65o for easy loading and for installation on walls and sloped ceilings. The cradle also tilts longitudinally 10o.

The Telpro Drywall Lift, HTL 138-2, has a standard loading height of 34” and a load capacity of 150 pounds. The drywall sheet capacity is 4’ X 16’. The unit weighs 115 pounds.

The Telpro Drywall Lift is manufactured in the USA.

  • Reaches height of 11’
  • Loading height: 34”
  • Loading rating: 150 lbs.
  • Weighs 115 lbs.

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