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With the development of touchscreen phones, devices with points of reference on the screen (physical keypad) are increasingly hard to find, or remain very simple and therefore do not offer access to the countless possibilities that technology can now provide.

Telorion aims to offer the ease-of-use of a traditional mobile phone with buttons along with the advanced capabilities of a smartphone. Get the best of both worlds!

Telorion has designed two specific interfaces:

  •">Telorion Vox, designed for blind users, is a talking phone with a keypad. Through an elastomer overlay delimiting the keys of a keypad and a completely vocalized interface, Telorion Vox is quick and easy to use.
  •">Telorion Zoom, designed for partially sighted users, offers several features to make the reading experience really comfortable (magnification, colour themes, flexible vocalization).

More than 30 functions and applications can easily be accessed on both versions through simple list menus:

  • Communication functions: call your contacts using voice shortcuts, dictate SMS, listen to your emails, and more
  • Utilities: follow the talking GPS, keep your appointments with the calendar, save an alarm, notes, or voice recordings, listen to the weather forecasts, and more
  • Multimedia: listen to music with the MP3 player or to your favourite Daisy book with the Book Reader, listen to the radio or to the newspapers, browse the web by dictating your Google search, and more
  • Vision Aids: take a picture and save a description or recognize a barcode using the Camera, read a letter using Optical Character Recognition or the electronic magnifier, choose your clothes thanks to colour recognition, find which lights are on with the light sensor, and more

Telorion is seamlessly integrated with the Android platform. Users can benefit from the native Android Talkback screen reader and access the whole Android environment, including the 600,000+ apps available on the Google Play Store.

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