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Techno-Aide Care Guard Pregnancy Apron

Techno-Aide Care Guard Pregnancy Apron

  • Front Protection and flexible back with Hook and Loop Adjustable Closure.
  • Separate 22" x 24" pregnancy panel included inside. (Inserted inside a kangaroo 'pouch').
  • At completion of pregnancy the "panel" can be removed, leaving you with a standard Flex-Guard Apron with 0.50mm Pb equivalency protection.
  • 1.0mm Pb equivalency over fetal area, 0.50mm over remaining area.
  • Pocket: Reinforced welt, spacious and strong.
  • FREE Dual Pockets.
  • Shoulder Pads: Concealed for comfort and durability.
  • 2-Year Warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Custom sizes available in a variety of styles and sizes.



  • Compliments the Front Apron for fuller protection.
  • 0.25mm Pb Equivalency.
  • 1" Buckle closure (long enough to tie) in front.

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P.O. Box 625
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