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Talking Digital Cooking & All-Purpose Thermometer

Talking Digital Cooking & All-Purpose Thermometer

This is a serious measurement tool that reads temperature with extreme speed and speaks the reading at the touch of its single, large button.

ThermoWorks super-fast technology is employed in the reduced-tip probe for readings in only 5 or 6 seconds.* Turn the thermometer on, insert the probe tip in a food portion or liquid, wait just a few seconds, then press the button to hear the temperature in a clear female voice. A recessed button on the back of the unit will change the scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Use the built-in eyelet at the top to hang the thermometer within easy reach of where you intend to use it. The thermometer body is contoured to comfortably fit the palm of your hand.

Suitable for the sight impaired with partial or full vision loss. Simply push the "Talk" button to tell the temperature. Press it again and again to update the status of changing temperatures. The ThermoWorks Talking Thermometer is a tremendous aid in food preparation and general household use with even scientific and industrial applications.

*Speed is measured as the time it takes to reach within 1 degree of the final temperature. Final tenths of a degree may continue to stabilize over the next 3 or 4 seconds.

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