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Tactile Maps

Tactile Maps

Intouch Graphics is a unique design company that specializes in creating quality, customized tactile maps that meet the needs of the visually impaired, blind, and mobility impaired, as well as those with normal vision. We create and produce tactile maps for university campuses, schools for the blind, museums, hotel lobbies, downtown areas of cities, camps, libraries, and other sites. Our maps can be made to represent outdoor walking routes, campus areas, indoor floor plan layouts, fire exit routes, etc.

InTouch Graphics tactile maps include simultaneous low vision and tactile features, offering a cutting-edge illustration of "universal design" in practice. Any individual, whether they have 20/20 vision, low vision, or no vision, can access and benefit from these maps. Our maps can also be designed to include information for individuals who are mobility impaired, allowing users to identify and plan wheelchair accessible routes.

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Intouch Graphics

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