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TTU-1 Talk Thru Window Intercom

TTU-1 Talk Thru Window Intercom

Norcon's TTU-1 is the most popular 2-way transaction intercom in the world for hands-free communication between your employee and your customer. Complete for continuous-duty operation. Permits hands-free, 2-way communication between the booth attendant and the customer. Vox circuitry facilitates ongoing, clear, 2-way conversation at all times - as if the two parties were together in the same room.

Today's security and isolation booths are often the best step you can take to protect your employees. But do they protect or help maintain your very important good will? Not if clerks and customers have to shout and growl and repeat themselves to be heard or understood.

Norcon's patent pending TTU-1 Talk-Thru Communicator is a 2-way, hands-free audio system that provides high-quality personal communication between people separated by security or isolation barriers. It is the most widely used system of its type in the U.S., and the world.

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