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Univox® TLS-2.2 is designed to drive hearing loops in larger vehicles completely or partially enclosed by metal, like train cars, trams, subways and ships. TLS-2.2 is a constant current amplifier with very high output current, up to 30Arms, providing compensation for the strong damping effect that conductive materials have on magnetic transmission. Metal loss correction is also available for high frequency slope corrections.

  • Extremely high ability to overcome metal loss
  • High output current, 10-30Arms (power supply related)
  • High frequency gain potentiometer (MLC) on PCB
  • Surface mount technology
  • Insensitive to vibrations (complies with EN 50155 and EN 61373)
  • Insensitive to extreme temperatures (complies with EN 50155)
  • Fire protection complies with EN 45545/HL2 (Certificate is pending)
  • Adapted for fixed installation in limited spaces
  • 20-50 VDC power connection
  • High quality WAGO 769 series connectors
  • Balanced and galvanically isolated input
  • Rugged Dip-switch input and output level settings on PCB for quick installation
  • Isolated opto-coupler outputs for input and output signal check (diagnostic test)

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