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T-Grip 3 3/4" Adaptive Rocker Knife

T-Grip 3 3/4" Adaptive Rocker Knife

Allow for autonomy in your assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospital with this T-Grip 3 3/4" adaptive rocker knife. This knife is made with durable, high quality stainless steel. It is attached to a rubber handle that provides comfort and extra stability during use. This horizontal, T-handle design allows for either an overhand or underhand grip so that individuals can hold it in their preferred position.

This rocker knife is intended to help those living with Parkinson's, arthritis, hand tremors, or any other cause of poor grip strength or hand control, and helps users to maintain their grip when tremors or spasms do occur. It boasts a mirror polished finish and is ideal for use when serving main entrees at your facility. Plus, it is dishwasher safe up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for added convenience. Additionally, it is made with smooth edges to prevent accidental injury, and its rocker design cuts with a back and forth rocking motion instead of slicing. Easy to clean and ergonomic, this knife is made to improve dexterity while providing users with added independence, making mealtimes easier for both staff and residents.

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