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Synapptic Lite Smartphone

Synapptic Lite Smartphone

The Synapptic Lite is designed with a simplified user-interface making it easy-to-use, efficient to navigate and accessible to people with vision impairments. If typical smartphones are too difficult to see or too confusing to use, Synapptic is designed for you.


The Synapptic Lite Smartphone provides an easy-to-see, high-contrast display making it the ideal phone for seniors or people living with low vision. The speaking menus are simple to understand and with the voice-command feature you can control your smartphone simply by talking to it and telling it what to do.

The Synapptic Smartphone harnesses the same power of a typical smartphone but is designed with a simplified-interface for efficient navigation making it the ideal smartphone for seniors and people living with low vision.

Synapptic Lite only works for basic use: making calls, writing texts, using voice control and accessing the calendar app. It does not include magnifier, reader, email, web browsing or some of multi-media applications.

  • Android smartphone with a extra-large 6.5-inch display
  • Displays high-contrast, large text
  • Simplifies the phone interface making it easy-to-use at all levels of vision
  • Speaks the menus and selected text
  • Operates via touchscreen or voice commands
  • Features a 13 MP rear-facing & 8 MP front-facing camera ideal for low vision user

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