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Swift Body Platform Harness

Swift Body Platform Harness

The (SBPLH) Swift Body Platform Harness was designed to assist professionals with a hands free, chest mounted system for Toughbooks, laptops and tablets. Many facets of field work stem around computer assisted activities, however no technology existed for a hands free body harness to hold such systems for professionals in the field. The Swift Body Harness does just that.

A light weight, chest/upper torso harness designed to protect and provide unlimited agility to your computer products; that is the (SBPLH) Swift Body Harness.; designed with the future/forward thinking in mind.

The Swift Body Platform Harness is designed with Ergonomics in mind. A body in motion, tends to stay in motion….The Swift Body Harness can do just that. The harness can hold numerous styles of computer systems as well as tablets. Designed to be carried on the upper torso of the body, for balanced weight distribution, wearer comfort, with simplistic design for easy and swift on and off applications. The harness is manufactured with lightweight materials, keeping overall weight to a minimum. The harness is designed for a “one size fits all” body design.

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