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Sure-Step access ladder

Sure-Step access ladder

The newest innovation is the Sure-Step access ladder. Sure-Step is a collapsible, self-retracting ladder that provides safety and security while ascending or descending. The ladder stores in a low profile position parallel to the truck body. To use, the bottom section simply flips down and the ladder pulls out to a comfortable ten degree climbing angle. When finished, the bottom section flips up and locks, while the gas struts retract the ladder into a safely stored position. 

The ladder comes in various widths and multiple heights to serve a wide variety of trucks in various departments. Each ladder 
is built for your application based on basic dimensions that you provide using our consultation sheet. Sure-Step is constructed 
of aluminum and uses stainless hardware to provide dependable use in all environments. The standard ladder is provided with a durable, black powdercoated finish. Cast aluminum steps with large drain holes and non-skid surface provide traction and safety in any condition. Sure-Step is designed to meet all NFPA standards.

  • Machined end caps
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel stanchions
  • Non-slip aluminum handrails
  • Aluminum construction
  • Cast aluminum tread
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • J-Plate support
  • Heavy-duty mounting bracket
  • Heavy-duty gas struts with pivot rods
  • Pull out on ladder to allow the j-hook tracking system to lock in place.
    Once locked, deploy bottom section by pulling out to free security latch and swing down.

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