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Sure Foot Cane

Sure Foot Cane

Typically, using a cane requires a person to be cautious about where the tip is placed, restricting where it can be used, and increasing the chance of a fall and injury.  This isn't so with a Sure Foot® or Sure Step®!  They can be used on most walking surfaces, including stairs, snow, sand, grass & stones (but never on ice!).  The skid-resistant 3x6" base will take you where you need to go.

These revolutionary, user-friendly products are made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel - making them very sturdy and light-weight.  All of our products are easily adjustable for height and are able to stand alone.

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Sure Foot Mobility, LLC

3003 Van Ness St. NW
Suite 204-South
Washington, DC 200084701

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