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Supreme Sock Aid

Supreme Sock Aid

Flexible sock aid makes putting on socks easier for people who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs. 

While being flexible, the Supreme Sock Aid is also just rigid enough to stay open after the sock has been loaded, allowing the foot easy entrance.

Once the foot and heel are inside, the three fingers gently bend to accommodate their contours. 

The smooth inner surface allows the foot to glide effortlessly into the sock while the slip resistant coating on the outer surface holds the sock firmly in place. Loop strap can be manipulated with one or two hands and the length is adjusted up to 30" (76 cm).

All plastic, non-porous design eliminates wear and tear associated with cloth sock aids and means it is easy to clean with soap and water, with household disinfectant sprays, and can even be placed in the dishwasher making it ideal for institutions where cross contamination may be a concern.

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