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Super Bright Pocket Magnifier 3X/50X75mm

Super Bright Pocket Magnifier 3X/50X75mm

These new Super Bright LED Pocket Magnifiers are a wonderful and useful tool to carry around in your pocket, briefcase or pocket book. This rectangular 3X (8D) clear rectangular, 2 inches by 3 inches, lens really helps you zoom in and focus on smaller print. The bright LED light spreads evenly across the underside of the lens illuminating whatever you are looking at or trying to read. 

It operates on 3 AAA batteries, not included, and the push button power switch is really easy to use. The battery compartment is easy to open with its twist open bottom thumb latch and middle hinge design which allows you to flip it open to place batteries in the unit. The bright green handle makes this magnifier hard to misplace.

This magnifier comes in a white gift box and has a protective drawstring pouch which can also be used as a lens cleaning cloth. Operates on 3 AAA batteries, not included.

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