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SunSation and Lamp timer combo

SunSation and Lamp timer combo

The SunSation® and Lamp timer combo is the perfect combination to help get you up in the morning. Using the lamp timer will allow your SunSation to turn on while you are asleep, making the room bright by the time you wake up to start the day.

The SunSation is a durable, portable and compact table top or desk top light box. Made in the USA, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the light box and a two year guarantee on bulb. Energy efficient, it uses only 55 watts to run it’s full spectrum 5000k, 10,000 lux bulb.

It also comes with a detachable stand. Spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that blocks UV, does not filter the quality of light and will not yellow. No heat and no bulb flutter with advanced electronics. Advanced energy efficient electronics that do not overload the lamps. You can also order the optional floor stand and carrying case.

The lamp timer is the ideal tool for controlling your SunBox to come on at the time you set.  The handy timer features two outlets that run on the same schedule and an easy set up that will provide easy control of your 120V SunBox.

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