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Strutter Cane

Strutter Cane

The Strutter® Functional Orthosis (or "Strutters") is an orthotic support system that makes walking possible even for people with good upper body strength and limited to no lower body strength. They are much more than just another crutch. They are an entirely new type of product, a crutch replacement, and require 25% less energy because the shock-absorbing and spring-loaded Strutters® walk with you.

Unlike crutches, Strutters® are designed to safely carry all or most of the user's body weight under the arms. Regular crutches can cause nerve damage or crutch palsy -- both ?common among long-term crutch users. The Strutters® underarm orthotic support remains fixed under your arm, unlike regular crutches that will rub, burn and damage the nerves of your underarm, even after only one day of use.


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