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The StockingCart is a simple, patented self-leveling container handling device designed to increase productivity and reduce injury rates. The StockingCart’s enclosed design features 6” diameter casters, ideal for transporting, layering, loading, and unloading products, tubs, and totes onto shelves efficiently without repetitive and harmful twisting and bending. The StockingCart is spring-actuated and non-electric, with no pneumatics or hydraulics. It can be pushed individually, is towable, train-able, and tug-able by connecting multiple StockingCarts.

The StockingCart’s spring actuated deck keeps materials at the ideal ergonomic window for loading and unloading by stacking down, not up, without requiring additional operators, electricity, or manual manipulation. The StockingCart has a heavy-duty constructed frame and deck for long durability and minimal maintenance.

Customized options are available for your unique application. A variety of spring packages are available per specification. The spring packages can be adjusted to handle 350 lbs or 200 lbs every day. Variable spring tensions can be adjusted to your load requirement, with a simple J Hook system, allowing the user to pull down to detach and attach the springs, color-coded by tension amount. This unit can be custom designed and made stackable and layerable.

The ergonomic StockingCart is

  • layerable for easy storage of containers, tubs, and totes
  • towable/train-able/tug-able by connecting one to another

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