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Stirex Industry Scissors

Stirex Industry Scissors

The big S-100BX scissor is an ergonomic self-opening scissor with precision made blades and fronts adjusted to cut in any position by a simple squeezing. With wide black handles and one serrated blade, the S-100-BX is versatile and reversible in fit, for both left and right handed users. This is our most powerful scissor and can be used for bench work in both sitting and standing positions. The self-opening feature reduces hand fatigue and increases efficiency.

All our scissors are light, reliable and comfortable with a self-opening handle which is working in a soft and smooth way and with low spring pressure. Observe that no distal finger control is required. Pressure is distributed evenly over the surface of the palm, limiting stress on individual joints. Requires no thumb opposition.

The spring band is fitted to the rear parts of the handle to obtain the suitable spring function with a well-balanced pressure. An additional feature allows the spring band to be unclipped from the handle and turned round to restore all its effectiveness in circumstances where it begins to weaken.

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