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Stick N Twist Light Bulb Changer (20-Pack)

Stick N Twist Light Bulb Changer (20-Pack)

To be used for an easy fix of a stuck or hard to grab light bulb. Or as a safety feature to protect your bulb from breaking during a light bulb change. Simply attach and twist out your bulb peel off Stick N Twist reattach to the new bulb and twist into place. Other light bulb changers require a flat smooth surface to work effectively and quite often loose grip of the light bulb. Stick N Twist holds fast using a clean removable and reusable pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive will grip tight on your bulb giving you what you need to change even the most difficult light bulb. The pressure sensitive adhesive used leaves no glue residue on a light bulb or hands. Stick N Twist attaches to any bulb shape with its form fitting tear resistant material application. Stick N Twist pairs well with recessed lighting and hooded lights. Its an effective tool to have when you run into the common problem of a difficult light bulb change.

  • Fast safe and effective way to remove or install a hard to grab or stuck light bulb
  • Stick n twist protects and strengthens the bulb surface to handle the stress need to remove the most stuck fast bulbs
  • Works on small floods recessed and hood lighting
  • Protects hands during a difficult bulb change
  • Smart safe choice when removing and installing the newer toxic light bulbs
  • Will grip strong and tight to the bulb and not accidentally come off like some other bulb changers
  • Small size makes for easy storage in a tool box of drawer or pocket

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