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Stenomask / Steno SR

Stenomask / Steno SR

Stenomask is a hand-held microphone built into a padded, sound-proof enclosure that fits over the speaker’s mouth. The purpose of a Stenomask is to allow a person to speak without being heard by other people, and to keep background noise away from the microphone.

  • The most accurate and private voice mask on the market
  • 30% lighter and quieter than any previous mask
  • Enhanced SmartMic technology for speech recognition
  • Ergonomically designed for extended use
  • Lightweight cords with stereo plugs
  • Several models to choose from including a removable hands free option
  • Domestically manufactured, assembled and tested in house
  • Most affordable Stenomask to date now with optional 3-year extended warranty

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Los Angeles, CA

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