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SteadyMouse X

SteadyMouse X

SteadyMouse X is a massive update to the original from ten years back, and will do everything you loved even better. Get ready to have a smooth and easy-going mouse experience again. 

Licensed with access to all major versions and their updates perpetually. You purchase once and for all, and every future version, big and small, is yours to use. Additionally, the quantity field above sets the number of users on the license.

At present the Major Version is 2. You will be personally notified by email whenever a new major version comes out. 

SteadyMouse X is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from 10 all the way back to XP. Other platforms such as Mac OSX and Linux may be supported someday and would be included for you in this license when that day comes.

More Information:

SteadyMouse, LLC

P. O. Box 111
Magna, UT 840440111

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