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Staplex S-700-1HNL Long Reach Electric Stapler

Staplex S-700-1HNL Long Reach Electric Stapler

• Adjustable depth to 9-¼ inches (23.5 cm). A Staplex® exclusive!   [10-¼ inches (26  cm) when used with Footswitch].
• Super for large sheets, display cards, calendars, etc.
• Special "Hi-Low" switch adjusts stapling capacity automatically for perfect clinch every job!
• Staples up to 40 sheets of 20-lb. paper or equivalent.
• Loads in seconds with Type DS ¼ inch , Type LL Long Leg High Speed Staples and Type RLD Thick Wire  Long Leg Staples.
Weight: 21-½ lbs. (9.8 kg) Dimensions: 6-1/8 inches wide, 17-½ inches deep, 11 inches high (15.6 cm x 44.5 cm x 28 cm).

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