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Staples SPL-250 10-Digit Display Calculator

Staples SPL-250 10-Digit Display Calculator

Solve a variety of common and financial math problems with this easy-to-use 10-digit display calculator. Built-in mark up, percentage, and grand total functions make it easy to solve a variety of financial problems, while the backspace key lets you correct input mistakes without starting over. This Staples 10-digit display calculator stays charged and ready for use with a built-in solar panel and battery backup.

  • Desktop calculator offers 10-digit LCD display for convenient viewing
  • Easy-to-use solution for all of your basic math needs
  • Dimensions: 5.71"W x 5.51"L
  • Can be operated from solar power or battery, so you can use it both day and night
  • Square root, percent, sign change, backspace, and grand total functions help you solve a variety of mathematical problems
  • Auto power-off feature prevents unwanted or unintentional use of the battery
  • Angled display is easy on the eyes
  • Comes in silver color

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