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SoothSayer was designed to help those who can type using a standard keyboard but their typing is too slow or they want to improve their typing speed or accuracy. People with Repetitive Trauma Syndrome or people who, for whatever reason, want to minimize their typing actions, can benefit by using SoothSayer. In addition, SoothSayer can help with reading and writing.

SoothSayer has features not commonly found in other word prediction programs. For example, there is a built-in "AutoEdit Dictionary" which you can add to. The AutoEdit Dictionary immediately corrects many typically misspelled words. Of course Microsoft®Word does this too, but SoothSayer works with every application you can type into.

Another unique feature is AutoShow. With AutoShow; you tell SoothSayer how many keystrokes and how much time it should wait before presenting the word choices to you. This is a great feature that keeps SoothSayer out of sight until you need it.

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