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SoloRider 3400

SoloRider 3400

  • Gentle on the sensitive grass of greens and tees
  •  Tough enough to handle curbs and rough terrain
  • On uneven terrain, the swing arm suspension allows wheels to move in response to terrain, not side to side
  • Wheels sit square to the ground
  • Maintains ideal control in demanding terrain situations by keeping wheels on the ground for traction and stability
  • Enjoy ease of entry and exit with the 230 degree swivel seat
  • Elevate to a hitting position with the touch of a button
  •  Pick from the various seat and chest belt combinations
  • Easy to reach accelerator and braking levers
  • No steering wheel or foot pedals
  • Effectively operate the car with one hand
  • Monitor battery levels while playing
  • Early-warning

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SoloRider Golf Carts

1200 East Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75074

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