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Sneeze Guard with Wheels

Sneeze Guard with Wheels

PROTECTIVE PLEXIGLASS SHIELD - Sneeze guard for protection from airborne contaminants. The cover provides protection against bacteria and germs.
SOLID WOOD -, Made with premium solid wood. Custom fit generous 1” x 3 in solid wood. Transparent acrylic glass to protect against dust and moisture. The wooden frame will be a long-lasting way for an extra protection.
PREMIUM-QUALITY- Acrylic resin shield for transparency and resistance to shattering, impacts, and most non-abrasive cleaners
COMMERCIAL USE - It can be used at medical offices, deli, restaurants, retail and more. RUDUCING EXPOSURE to people coughing, sneezing and spraying droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain viruses.
CUSTOM ORDERS – We do any custom order. With our facility located in New Jersey our company is able to provide a quick turnaround to our USA customers. 
MADE IN THE USA - This sheet is cut to precision & processed in our New Jersey Facility Each Shield is made to order. 100% customer guaranteed.

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