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Sit Stand Executive Electric Desk

Sit Stand Executive Electric Desk

The extra large workstation (84 in. on each side) sits on three columns that allow you to choose between sitting and standing to work. Changing position increases your circulation, which rejuvenates your mind and muscles. If your are under 5' 3" or over 6' 5" you'll want this!

This Sit Stand Desk supports up to 350 pounds and the desk's design leaves plenty of leg room. It's push button height adjustment gives you ergonomic typing comfort and proper body alignment. It's also budget smart because one desk does the job of 2 or 3 traditional desks. It has the shape, the functionality and the adjustments to be your ultimate power sit stand workstation. We use this model here at Kare Products because of it's convient size and extended range of height adjustments.

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