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Self Employment Services

Self Employment Services

Self-Employment Services provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to own a business with appropriate resources and supports. Self employment is defined as working for oneself with direct control over work and with prices for products and/or services set to make a profit. Services based on the individual’s needs may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Referral to and coordination with community resources for basic business courses if applicable.
  • Purchase of tools/equipment necessary for training and/or entry level requirements for the occupation.
  • Obtaining necessary initial stocks and or supplies.
  • Assistance with start-up legal costs.
  • Assistance with marketing start-up costs.
  • Assistance with accounting costs and financial reviews.
  • Providing appropriate accommodations or assistive technology needed for start-up.
  • Short-term rental payment assistance and required security deposits for business start-up.
  • Assistance with developing the business plan.
  • Acquiring licenses and permits required to lawfully engage in business.

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