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Portable and powerful.  This ready-to-use camera is your gateway to the visible world.


- Continuous zoom magnification to 50x or more with contrast enhancement

- Suitable for distance tasks such as viewing a whiteboard or presentations

- Great for near viewing tasks like reading, hobbies, crafts or games

- Easily connects to any Windows7 or Windows8 laptop or tablet

- Integrated tablet support

- Freeze, save and retrieve images

- Exceptionally intuitive user interface, especially for touch-screen users!

- Folds to only  27×10×5cm (10.7×4×1.8”) for easy transport

- Self contained 10 hour battery

- Includes charger, cables, SceneEye software, large print user manual and carrying case.

- Covered by a 1-year warranty

More Information:

Sight Enhancement Systems

364 Huron Ave. South
Ottawa, ON K1Y 0W7,

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